Who We Are

Talent & Creativity Productions


Talent & Creativity Productions is a consortium of gifted professionals and students of the Performing Arts dedicated to the production of positive, family oriented entertainment.  

Our particular areas of concentration are in Theater, Television, Music, and Dance Productions.  

We are a self-contained production house, specializing solely in positive entertainment. 

Our resolve, is to originate scripts, develop/train the necessary talent from the community, and then supply the expertise and creativity such that our end products are market worthy.  

Quintessence…The Musical, our first production, originally performed publicly at the Palmer Park Auditorium in 1984.  

More recently, Quintessence was “Showcased” April-May 2010 at 1515 Broadway in Downtown Detroit.  

The audience response was outstanding!   

The philosophy of Talent & Creativity Productions is that there is a tremendous need for positive family oriented entertainment in today’s society.  Entertainment not 

laced with cursing, sex and violence.  

Moreover, we feel there is not enough entertainment 

available which not only ‘entertains’ but also relays the many benefits of living a ”morally-conscious life.

Additionally we know that there is a considerable market out there starving for such products.